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  • #Employment: 5 Jobs to Instantly Apply for in #NewCastleCountyDelaware

    #Apply for #employment in #Delaware in #NewCastle #county for these #jobs #today

    It’s sometimes an uphill battle to find a good paying job throughout Delaware. Maybe you're one of many people looking for work and unemployed. Or maybe you’re employed and looking for better paying job. Or maybe you just moved to Delaware in the New Castle County section and looking for anything. Good news is, there's jobs available throughout Delaware, weather be in New Castle County or in Kent County, better known as slow lower Delaware. Sometimes you need someone close to you to give you a heads up on who's hiring instead of going to a job site at looking for a specific type of employment.

    DNN strives to bring you quality job listings, with the intention of helping you find a good paying job and establish yourself in your dream career. if you're not looking for work right now and happened to stumble upon this thread from a listing you saw in a search engine from Bing, Google or YaHoO!, you're more than welcome to share it with everyone you know that's looking for a job in New Castle County Delaware. You’re more than welcome to share this post with everyone on,,,, and elsewhere.

    This quick short list of employers hiring in New Castle County will hopefully help you with chief your goals and your current job search:

    1. ATSSA - This flag re-certification course is provided by the Delaware safety Council and helps people get certified as flaggers so they can get good paying jobs working in highway work sites. This requires know previous experience nor a college degree. Basically in a nutshell, certification provided...
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  • #HumbleButHungry: George Corbin and HBH Needs Your Help

    Please help and support the 2nd annual Humble but Hungry Father's Day 5k!! #nonprofit #doingourpart #5k #healthandwellness A post shared by Humble but Hungry (@thehumblebuthungry1) on May 24, 2018 at 6:14pm PDT Helping the poor and lifting others up along the way is the mantra of George Corbin and the Humble but Hungry non-profit organization of Delaware. They help the poor in various ways. They gladly accept donations. Looking to help the poor and contribute? Contact George Corbin on Facebook for more information and contribute today to "Humble but Hungry Delaware." Helping others without expectation is true transformation of the heart....
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  • #WilmingtonDelaware: Interview Now for Gainful Employment with Parkview Nursing and Rehabilitation

    Finding gainful employment can sometimes be an uphill battle. You're searching everywhere. Job postings at the Department of Labor. Searching online on sites like,,,, and unadvertised job boards. You submit your resume online almost everywhere looking for gainful employment and in most cases, unsuccessful. Dnn strives to bring you quality job listings and show you where the jobs are in New Castle County and Kent County Delaware. Nobody can survive working on minimum wage. Some narcissist employers fail to acknowledge that and only pay a can of beans. If you're looking for a career and a good place to work with the opportunity to grow with a respected company, keep checking back on this site for future job postings with companies that treat employees right. Looking t...
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  • 5 Jobs in #NewCastleCounty Delaware Worth Applying For

    Making a career change can leave anyone feeling as if they’re under construction to be more than just an employee. Agree? Not everyone knows what specific jobs are hiring and where those job postings are. It could be anywhere. In the newspaper. Online. Possibly in a Craigslist classified ad. Maybe on Who knows. And sometimes, it can be emotionally exhausting to search for the job you want, leaving you feeling some type of way in the moment and possibly applying for a job you really don't want paying less money. Dnn strives for excellence with no delay helping to bring you the most informative and recent information with the intent of helping you apply and get hired with a good-paying job so you can earn a decent livelihood. The only thing Dnn asks after reading this post is to share what you’ve read with others you feel are seeking gainful employment in their field of expertise. Finding a good-paying job nowadays is an uphill battle. It can be done but it's a lot more work than I imagined. You're also welcome to tweet these posts on, share with everyone you know on, discuss in videos, and pin on Dnn will be updating frequently on the Delaware New Castle County forum of employers looking to hire qualified job applicants paying decent hourly wages. Five employers with in New Castle County picked at random by Dnn are currently hiring. These employers do not require their job applicants to have a college degree. If you're someone looking...
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  • #DelawareJobs: #WhosHiring? 6 Jobs to Keep a Close Eye On in #NewCastleCounty

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  • #HiringinDelaware: August 2017 #DelawareEmployment Update

    It's an uphill battle at times to find the ideal job in the state of Delaware and prosper in that job two decades or more. It's an uphill battle at times to find a job paying so much money hourly. Searching for the ideal job in Delaware can be challenging, yet rewarding. It can bring out unique qualities within you never thought you had. On the flip side, it can frustrate you. Not everyone conducts a weekly Delaware employment job search online or off-line. Though some on the other hand are addicted to the Internet and would rather search for jobs in job classifieds. Then there's those days you don't feel like going on or other job we...
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  • #JobsinDelaware: 3 #DelawareEmployers Looking to Hire #QualifiedJobCandidates in #NewCastleCounty

    Who said getting a job in Delaware has to be an uphill battle? Not if you have a willing mind to leverage every job opportunity presented to you. Of course, you're not going to get hired by any and every employer in Delaware right away even if you have the right job qualification credentials, simply because every Delaware employer operates differently. Have you taken a moment to examine your resume to see where you can include highly sought after skills and hot keywords that'll make your Delaware resume interceptable by automated Delaware employer resume filters? In other words, employers in Delaware use automated resume filtering systems to filter out resumes they consider "fluff resumes," which are simply resumes either with not enough content and relevant keywords, or [fluff resumes] with too many keywords that may be deemed as "Delaware resume spam." If you haven't yet optimized your Delaware employment resume and looking for a job now, this is the grand moment for you to get organized with no delay and have a resume professional resume writer critique you, so your Delaware skill set and "Delaware employment career objective" will be deemed "worthy for hire" in the eyes and minds of prospective employers throughout New Castle County, Delaware. ...
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  • #JobFair: Where to Meet Employers in #WilmingtonDelaware

    #jobsearch in #Delaware -

    If you're one of scores of people in Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, or Philadelphia looking for work in Wilmington, Del., now's your time to get on board. Come on down yonder to the job fair to be held Wednesday in Wilmington, Delaware on May 9, 2017.

    Location: Latin American Community Center -

    Address: 403 N Van Buren St, Wilmington, DE 19805
    Phone: (302) 655-7338
    Entrance located through Harrison Street (Wilmington, Delaware)
    Time: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
    Price: Free

    Contact: Daniela Vargas (302) -655 -7338 ext.2173
    E-mail: This event is for serious...
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  • Quality #Jobs to Apply for in #NewCastleCounty #Delaware

    There comes a time in almost everyone’s life way you have to look for another job. It’s important to have your employment resume optimized with the skills, education, and the right keywords to gain the interest of potential employers and scoring a good grade during and after the job interview. Perhaps you’re one of many folk who doesn’t care too much for logging into various job sites to view new job postings. DrewryNewsNetwork strives for excellence to serve you with qu...
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  • #NewCastleCountyPolice Has 'Goodies Galore' For Sale

    Image: New Castle County Police Department You know that stash you have tucked away somewhere under a loose floorboard or packed inside of a thick pillow? Or perhaps that massive stockpile of quarters, dimes, nickels, and dollar coins? It's time to whip it out and get the spending. New Castle County Police has items for sale and available to view online. New Castle County Police Sergeant Wes Reynolds put the word out yesterday on his Facebook page. He shared a link to the posting on his Face...
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  • #NewCastleCountyPolice and #TomGordon Roll Out New #Security Ploy

    New Castle County Government's Thomas Gordon came up with a great idea to keep Delawareans secure. put the word out today in a news article with a video interview of the New Castle County head man in charge. The security ploy will reach the goal of effectively linking cameras posted throughout New Castle county as a stronghold for combatting potential terrorist attacks. The move will also link "thousands of private cameras," Delawareonline mentions. This will keep Delaware safe, productive and moving forward. ...
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  • #NewCastleCounty Government Takes Hardline Stand Against #Heroin Use

    #NewCastle #County #Government in #Delaware takes a #stand against #Heroin -

    Delaware is a state consistently moving forward doing positive things. Whether it's helping the unemployed get jobs, assisting people with disabilities get fair treatment, or educate Delawareans how to incorporate and start a business in this wonderful state, Delaware continues to be the leader in keeping people successfully moving forward.

    Every state has individual challenges. And so does Delaware. One issue is drug use. Herion use causes people to completely lose their mind. Everyone knows someone using drugs. As drug use in Delaware continues to be a great challenge, New Castle County government launches a strongarm campaign in the war against Herion use.

    NCC executive Tom Gordon says this on his Facebook fanpage:

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