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  • #NBCNews Streams Live Video on Facebook of Firefighters at #TrumpTower

    Breaking: NBCNews.com reports on their Facebook.com page in a live video of firefighters in New York City responding to a fire at the Trump.com tow...
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  • #TaimakGuarriello: Still Healthy and Doing Martial Arts at Age 53

    Remember the guy who played Bruce Leroy from the hit 1985 movie "The Last Dragon? His real name is Taimak Guarriello, the guy who beat down Julius Carry III a.k.a. Shonuff - the shogun of Harlem.

    Related: Whatever Happened to Leroy Green from The Last Dragon? - TVOverMind.com Guarriello is still aro...
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  • #NewsFromNewYork: 5 Borough News Roundup in #NewYorkCity

    Renting or buying property in New York City can sometimes be a headache. The New York Times has a thought-provoking article on apartment hunting in NYC. Back in the day in the late 1970's, a person could possibly rent an apartment in Brooklyn for as little as under $100 a month. This was the era when former New York Governor and now deceased Mario Cuomo. was mayor of the big apple. Times back then were simpler as the cost of living was significantly cheaper. Of course, rent in Manhattan was always sky high unless you lived in Harlem or the Bronx. The N.Y. Times article goes on to mention if July is a good time of the year to search and rent an apartment in New York City? That depends. To rent an apartment nowadays in Manhattan, look forward possibly to paying $1,500 and better on a month to month basis. WHile it's uncertain how much rent will be in a New York City housing project, you can still look forward to shelling out over $1,000 monthly. Rne twill allegedly continue to skyrocket not just in Manhattan, but throughout the rest of the boroughs of NYC years to come. Moving around in New York City - NYTimes.com Some people are allegedly moving to New York City possibly just to get a free ride on college tuition. New York City Gov. Andrew Cuomo, son of now deceased former Gov. Mario Cuomo, announced early 2017 there would be free college available to residents of the big apple. Free college tuition in New York City has certain conditions. You're obligated after graduation to contribute at least a few years of service working in New York City. If you move out of New York or unable to meet your obligation of working in New York after graduating from college and getting your free ride through any New York City college, you're required to allegedly paid back all the tuition money. Some people might be moving to New York just to shack up with relatives and use their address as a means of getting a free ride through college from New York City government. New York is not the only state to offer residents tuition free college. Having a free scholarship on the government dime is a "blessing," and entitles anyone striving for excellence to get organized to earn "good money." Anyone who qualifies for free college tuition on Uncle Sam's dime should use it to their fullest potential and go non stop award achieving the goal of graduating with their bachelors or Masters degree in their field of expertise so they can showcase their skills that to where the employers and the world. Free college tuition in NYC - CNBC.com Have you ever heard of anything like this? According to an article posted by the Brooklyn Eagle, a judge in Brooklyn allowed a gun toting suspect two more months of freedom to prove himself as he got caught drinking in public and failed to report what he did to the court. Brooklyn judge Pamela Chen, noted in the Brooklyn Eagle article, dealt with gun suspect Mr. Tyson Jeffries in court, as it's noted h...
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  • #StoryofOJ: Did #JayZ Expose The Alleged Racist Past of #Disney and Talk About #Jewish People Owning Most of #NewYork?

    #JayZ said some things in the story of OJ video. He went in discussing credit and Jewish people owning 1/2 of New York, especially #Brooklyn. If you know anything about business in Brooklyn, it's mostly Jewish people, who by the way are very intelligent and blessed people, own a vast majority of not just businesses in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, but also hold a stake in many apartment buildings in the Bronx. It's also rumored they allegedly control the music industry. Is this true?

    Related: Brooklyn properties owned by Jewish landlords - NYMag.com Jews in NYC Subliminal messages on Jay-Z's new album - Attn.com Do you agree with the things Shawn Jay-Z Carter said? Is it true that certain shades of Black get more opportunities and treated better because of their outwardly appearance?...
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  • #Forbes: 10 Best Cities for Marketing Jobs

    Give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ always if you're blessed to get a job in marketing anywhere in the united states. And if you don't yet have a job, thank God anyway. He will make a way out of no way for you. If you land a job at Forbes doing anything, you pretty much achieved job security. If your degree is in marketing and looking to take your career to the next level in today's world, consider relocating to nyc. That is, if you don't mind riding the new york subway to and from w...
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  • #NYDailyNews Just Said #NYCHA Will Break in Your Apartment

    Say what? The New York City housing authority is now in the business of breaking in people's apartments without a warrant? Oh really now? Since when? And why are they doing this? According to the New York Daily News, NYCHA are tapping into apartments of people for a specific reason. If you happen to be one of many folk the NYCHA spontaneously walks in on, just be mindful that your valuables are in a secure place and you don't have anything in your apartment that you shouldn't have. Chances are, after they finish doing what they have to do, they may allegedly, unintentionally, and randomly take a quick snoop around your apartment....
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  • #DrugKingpin #ElChapo 'In The Bag' - on US Soil Now

    This goes to show no one is untouchable.
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic Is #LinguaFranca Used in #NewYorkCity?

    Is #LinguaFranca Used in #NewYorkCity?

    Lingua Franca - Use of a language between 2 people who don't have a shared language. People from multicultural descents may not comprehend the native tongue of others. They possibly share a bridge language in common such as "English," and use the preferred language of the world English as a means of communication and conveying messages among people of different backgrounds. Lingua Franca is known to be used in major cities such as Los Angeles, Manhattan, Chicago, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and Denver. Lingua Franca is mainly used by immigran...
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  • Remember the Good #Brooklyn Days at Sunset Park Public Pool?

    If you were born and raised in Brooklyn, you knew all the hotspots for cooling off in Brooklyn. The hot summers inspired inner city youth throughout the borough of Brooklyn to travel to Sunset park by the L train line. If you took the train crosstown from the Flatbush section near Flatbush and Nostrand Avenue, you would take the 2 or 5 train from Flatbush Avenue to Atlantic Avenue or possibly Manhattan to get a connecting train to the L line. Once you got ...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic The Best Came from #NewYorkCity

    The Best Came from #NewYorkCity

    There's CEOs making a positive difference in the world today who either dropped out and graduated from college that went above and beyond after their educational endeavors. They transformed from small potatoes to larger than life in the business world. From Forbes, Bloomberg, and too many more to mention, the most successful in business today emerged from New York City. Did traditional education contribute to their success? Yes and no. With education in or out of the traditional college classroom, college degree or some alternative form of higher education and a humble spirit of determination, there's no telling what anyone can accomplish. A positive mindset works wonders in times of uncertainty. ...
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  • #NYPD Giving Out Summonses for #Hoverboards?

    Since when is hoverboarding illegal in New York City? This YouTuber alleges that NYPD enforces a possible law in the big apple that hoverboarding is against NYC law. Is this so?...
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  • A Virtual Tour of #NYCHousingProjects in #BrownsvilleBrooklyn

    If you've never been to Brownsville Brooklyn, this is your virtual pass to walk through the east New York Brooklyn projects. YouTube video author Sonny Townsend gives you an online tour of the "jects in BK," describing what life was like in his heyday....
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  • #AtelsonFitzgeraldHolder the 1st aka #MrPregnant Cleans Up His #YouTube Behavior?

    Many people know him as MrPregnant.com, a.k.a "shnacker shnaw," a.k.a. Mr. man boobs, a.k.a. Mr. doesn't have it all upstairs, a.k.a. Mr. bra and panties. His real name is Atelson Fitzgerald Holder the first. And he lives in New York. He became a YouTube.com/MrPregnant sensation by posting abnormal videos of himself either without a shirt on showing his man boobs, a metal pot on top of his head, or walking around in the street of Manhattan in front of NYPD with only a bra and panties on. It seems as if Holder the 1st is allegedly seeking to clean up his act. He hasn't posted any wild and wacky videos of himself with fake teeth in his mouth, dressed in a woman's bra and panties walking outside in New York City virtually naked, nor prank calling people. Mature grown men don't do things like that, not even for the purpose of earning online advertising dollars. Past videos from the YouTube.com channel of Mr. Pregnant: Absolutely ...
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  • 7 IRT #Subway Line from #Manhattan to #FlushingQueens

    You'll absolutely love watching the video above if you've never been on the New York City subway. it's a grand view of the 7 IRT New York City subway line heading into Flushing Queens....
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  • Shortlist of Worst Projects in #NewYorkCity

    The following is a shortlist (not all) of some of New York's worst projects you should never walk thru alone. Back in the early to mid 1990's, if you stepped through someone's projects and you had no props (meaning you knew no one there to verify or protect you), chances were you got robbed, shot, or killed. Back then, you couldn't walk in and out of any New York City project wearing Double down goose jacket, Fila.com, TommyUSA.com, PhatFarm.com, Polo.com, Shearling-Sheepskin coats, Timberland.com footwear, nor wearing Michael Jordan sneakers-Polo boots or gold teeth.

    Heads immediately "peeped your steelo," and figured you out in very little time, giving them an opportunity to run up on you either flipping a razor blaze from underneath their tongue and placing it to your side cheek, pulling out a .380 Chrome handgun, or "heads catching wreck" on you (meaning getting a beatdown from a group of young men). Worst New York City "jects" no one should walk in alone: 1. Flatbush Gardens - formerly known as "Veer projects" located on New York and Foster Avenue in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn. 2. Hammel projects - Located in Far Rockaway, New York near seaside and Beach Chan...
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