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  • #Education: A College Degree Unlocks Hidden Opportunity

    Image:PixaBay.com Graduating from college with a quality education has unique benefits beyond traditional purposes. College education stays with you for a lifetime, increasing your intelligence about the world around you. Relationships on a more meaningful level are forged and lifetime bonds are made. A college education also helps one take control of their lives in ways unimagined. Striving to acquire your college education is worth the 4 years of stress, intensity, staying up late to study and so much more. It's an investment in yourself that will open so many doors you've never dreamed of. Getting a college education helps to get a good paying job in a respectable position of employment, with the opportunity of advancement faster than most can move up in the company. ...
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  • #Forbes Shares Shortlist of Places to Inquire About #FreeMoneyforCollege

    Tradition taught parents to save money for their children's future college tuition. While some parents didn't have a red cent to save toward paying their kids college tuition due to not making enough money on their day job, today's age of information technology and way of doing things provides hope for college bound people. There's a plethora of scholarships and grants available online if you search hard enough and experiment with entering different search terms in your preferred search engine. Not only are there scholarships and grants available online to apply for ...
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  • #Scholly Founder Featured on #Forbes

    Christopher Gray knows what struggle is.Growing up with little to no financial opportunity to pay for college, Gray set out to perform beyond the norm. Refusing...
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  • $2,500 College Scholarship Available on Offers.com

    Here's a wonderful opportunity for people to take advantage of that are looking to potentially get help with paying their college tuition. The cost of college is going up without notice. You need that degree in order to get ahead. Finding and capitalizing on opportunities spontaneously available to those who take advantage of it will benefit you later down the road, because you took time to investigate and act on these in the moment opportunities others overlooked. Offers.com, a coupon-based website, requires scholarship applicants to meet some criteria in order to be eligible. To qualify, you'll need to write an essay about being financially responsible. The essay will be between 400 and 750 words. Th...
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  • Video Gamers Lifetime Scholarship Opportunity?

    If this is true, this is a winner. People who love playing video games can possibly win a scholarship to pay their college tuition. That's wonderful news to video gamers. Right? Scholarships.com distributed an e-mail recently to opted in subscribers and mentions: "An Illinois university is redefining the traditional notion of what it means to be a college athlete: This fall, Robert Morris University will be the first school in the country to offer athletic scholarships to students who play the video game League of Legends..." The e-mail...
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  • Welcome to The Money for College Forum

    Did you know there are many websites on the web that potentially give away free money for college? While it is not as easy as you think to get free money for college through...
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