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  • #ContentMarketing: The Awesome Marketing Power of Document Sharing

    For those who don't know about the awesome power of document sharing, it allows you to promote yourself online effectively at zero cost advertising. Document sharing is somewhat like article marketing and paid press releases, where as you distribute information about your online business or talk about your new online start-up, add links in the body of the content, and market the document on social networks, social bookmarking services and in search engine results pages. Document sharing helps Internet businesses of all sizes convey their messages effectively while gaining a positive advantage of getting back links and potentially increased traffic to blogs and websites. Many people wonder what's the difference between article marketing, paid press release marketing and document sharing. With article marketing, it's an old-school cost-effective way of spreading word-of-mouth online about your site or specific pages within your site. Signing up as an article marketer on any article directory is free of charge. Once approved, you're able to submit as many uniquely written articles as you'd like, increasing the potential for your articles to be approved by the article directory owner and broadcasted to the world online. Other bloggers and website publishers may possibly stop by and read your article and republish it on their sites. This is how article marketers gain the advantage of getting back links and reciprocal traffic from other people's sites, went article marketers have their articles republished. This method is still effective today as many Internet marketers and affiliate marketers use this avenue as a means of free advertising. Crocodoc.com DocStoc.com DropBox.com Quip.com Scribd.com are among the top four best document sharing services on the World Wide Web. Paid press releases are somewhat similar to article marketing. In this case, you outsource your press r...
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  • #SocialMediaMarketing: Using Facebook and Paid Services for Increased Visibility

    Facebook is the preferred social networking platform today for dual use. Old classmates stay in touch, new relationships are forged, and online marketers/bloggers auto-publish their content to their Facebook wall to their Facebook friends list. The world''s most-popular social network can also help boost business for you, without spending a dime. Most people today use Facebook to re-connect with old classmates, from elementary, junior, high school and college. When the Facebook platform was designed, Zuckererg originally intended for it to be a network just for Harvard students. As word of mouth grew about this new online network among the Harvard elite, Zuckerberg had no idea how much bigger Facebook would be, in terms for business. Can Facebook boost SEO for online businesses? Absolutely! Let's take a look at some really cool things that can help grow your website, blog, and or online business to the next level and boost SEO "Search engine optimization", using the Facebook Pl...
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  • #FailingBlogs: #XONecole.com Performing 'Miserably' in #SearchEngineRankings

    Business and lifestyle blogger Necole, formerly know as Necole****** dot com, is now known as XONecole.com. Necole started out as a struggling blogger who earned her way to blogging fame and possibly earning millions of dollars from advertisements and partnerships through her blog. Necole, who is highly intelligent and ambitious, blogs on trending topics such as relationships, business, entrepreneurship and starting from the bottom, employment, and more. But now it seems as if her blog XONecole is terribly failing. What's happening here? ...
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  • #BasicBlogTips Founder #MsIleane Recommends These Blog Tools for Content Marketing Success

    Content will always be king on the internet. As long as you're writing lots and lots of quality content and publishing frequently, your SEO will naturally improve. However, as some people get tired of typing on the keyboard when creating content from scratch, there's valuable tools to help bloggers and universal content marketers make the job of content writing easier.

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  • Publisher Notice for #PepperjamAffiliates

    Pepperjam Network affiliates who own blogs and websites striving for excellence to get organized in improving long tail SEO and long term search engine optimization are invited by Pepperjam affiliate network to join this Tuesday's webinar to be held June 14, 2016. The webinar will discuss SEO and using creative White hat methods to improve search engine marketing goals.

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    What Pepperjam has to say about SEO: "Search engine optimization (SEO) is basically akin to acquiring free leads or drawing visitors —the polar opposite of Paid Search efforts, which involves paying for ...
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  • #PaidBacklinks Ruin Business Reputations

    Paid backlink building is in no way good for business. SEO Roundtable speaks on Google's Matt Cutts discussing the negatives of paid links. On a paid backlink SEO site, they mention the following nonsense:

    "Need Help with Your Link Building?

    Although our Link Wizard makes it easy to build an effective and sustainable link portfolio, we also have an internal SEO team that will build your links for you FOR FREE if you purchase at least $100 in credits.

    Just create a new link advertiser account or log into your existing account.

    Then, click the red “Free Link Placement” graphic on your dashboard home to get started

    Related: Earn SEO respect by building links naturally How could they profess something to be free, yet, ask people to purchase at least $100 in credits? If something is free, it's free, right? This sounds like a scam. If you engage in purchasing paid backlinks to inflate your SEO, truth is, your site w...
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  • 5 Easy Ways to Build Your Business With #ContentMarketing

    Building a content based blog or website with a bright future in mind is a patient process. First, you have to decide what the niche topic of your site will be about. Then, what type of CMS publishing platform to use. Third, you have to be mindful the dedicated web hosting package or cloud server you decide to go with as your hosting platform has enough bandwidth, RAM-disk space, and multiple IP addresses on the hosting administratie side in case you want...
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  • Pepperjam Network Publisher Webinar Series: Be In the Know With #SEO

    The following is provided by Pepperjam Network, an eBaY company: Pepperjam Network Publisher Webinar Series: Be In the Know With SEO Join the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts at Pepperjam for this four-part webinar series specifically for publishers. We’ll explore the keys to attracting an audience and, more importantly, how to keep ...
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  • #PressRelease #Marketing is a Must for Generating #Sales

    Writing a good press release requires experiencing trial and error. The best press release optimizers in today's SEO and online advertising fields all experienced countless times of failure. Yes, you can always learn how to write a good press release after investing in a good press release company to have one written for your business. Bottom line is, you need press releases online to instantly generate buzz about your online business and drive eyeballs to your onlin...
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  • #ArticleSpinning is Not a Good #SEO Move

    From time to time, bloggers and Internet marketers sometimes resort to "article marketing" as a cost-effective means of promoting themselves without spending a dime on PPC advertising. While article marketing still remains a somewhat cost-effective means of promoting an Internet business but not as strong as it used to be, some Internet marketers are still resorting to "article spinning programs." They sometimes download PLR content from sites tha...
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  • Making Your Site SEO Friendly for #Bing, #Google, and #YaHoO

    Ever wondered what happens after you publish a blog post or webpage on your site? Search engines such as Bing.com, Google.com, and YaHoO.com are quitely notified that there's new content on the web to be crawled and indexed. Search engines silently scour the web 24 hours a day for "lots and lots of content." This...
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  • Do-Follow or No-Follow for Improved SEO?

    This is an iffy topic. Should bloggers enable "Do-follow for SEO," or protect their blogs by using "No-follow for SEO?" Ms. Ileane from BasicBlogTips.com discusses this on YouTube. It's highly recommended that bloggers seeking to improve long-term search engine optimization should enable [...
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  • 3 Tips for Using #Scribd for #Business

    Using social media effectively is a wonderful medium for promoting your business on the web. The beauty of using social platforms is testing the waters to see what works and what doesn’t. On that note, improving search engine rankings via social media is possible for anyone. Scribd.com is a wonderful social platform for anyone to use. After registering for a free account, you can upload documents such as how to guides, recipes, educational stuff, and so on. You can also use Scribd as a means of increasing your online visibility. The first step for finding new business using Scribd would be to take time to write original content. Don’t copy and paste a blog post or webpage and upload it as a Microsoft Word document or .pdf file to your Scribd account. Why not? Search engine crawlers will judge the content you copied and pasted from a blog post or webpage as “duplicate content.” Take time to write an original document or .pdf file using Microsoft Word or Adobe. And remember to include relevant links to the topic of your document back to specific blog posts or webpages, so you can get traffic from readers on Scribd clicking links in the body of your content, as well as traffic from search engines that click on your Scribd title from search results and read what you’ve published. Writing original content and uploading it to your Scribd profile with links pointing back to your blogs and webpages will help improve rankings in search engines. Improving SEO “search engine...
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  • Google Helps You Improve SEO - How?

    Are you still confused how to optimize your site for Google and other search engines? Always know content is king on the internet. What is content? Your knowledge, thoughts, crazy ideas, and anything else published to a blog or webpage. That's content defined in layman's terms. ...
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