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  • #BloggingforBusiness: 5 Easy Ways to Keep Your #WordPress Blog Updated

    WordPress is by far the best CMS blogging platform in the world today. Anyone stuck on stupid with blogging can easily install WP on their web server through a one or few clicks operation. Once installed on your server and domain name, you can configure WordPress and automatically enable it to the point of self-updating. Here's 5 quick ways to keep your WordPress blog updated: 1. Allow WordPress to download and install the most up to date version of WP. This frees up your time from manually using CuteFTP.com or some other file transfer protocol program to manually downloading and updating WP on your dedicated server. When WP updates itself, you have more free time to do as you please and create more content on the fly for your blog. 2...
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  • #Covfefe: Why Does #Russia Continue to #HackAmerica?

    Drewry News Network recently experienced a bit of Russian intervention. As mentioned in previous forum posts and possibly a blog post, DNN News reported that Russians successfully managed to hack one of Drewry's passwords on a social bookmarking site. The Russian hacker who hacked DNN's social bookmarking password posted what looked to be "Russian affiliate links," trying to make money online by posting "Affiliate links to Russian shopping websites to earn Russian affiliate commissions." Slightly before the Russian hacked DNN's social bookmarking account password, the DNN website was slowly being bombarded with "generic and spammy Russian site registrants," with strange e-mail addresses. Below are direct e-mail spam addresses some Russians use to register on websites: ...
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  • #RussianHacking: From #Politics to #SocialNetworks - CHANGE your PASSWORD NOW!

    Ladies and gentlemen… Russia is not playing. They are very intelligent people who know exactly what they're doing. And while it's highly likely they allegedly meddled in the 2016 United States presidential election, they're allegedly nowadays going after your personal social networking accounts. It doesn't matter who you are. If you have a high trafficked social networking profile on Pinterest.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, or even YouTube.com, you better watch your back online. Russian masterminds nowadays are going after social networking accounts without Americans exactly knowing what the Russian agenda is. Is the suspected hacking politically motivated or financially driven to sci-fi money out of Americans? Who knows. Now is the time to change the password on your social networking account if you haven’t already done so. Russia continues to be a trending topic in the world since the alleged meddling in the 2016 election with Clinton vs. Trump. And the issues concerning Russian hackers and politics cont...
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  • #RussianInternetTakeOver: Safeguard Your #SocialMedia and #OnlineBusiness Accounts

    Drewry News Network is currently experiencing Russian presence on this site. And it's NOT GOOD. Stay tuned for an update coming momentarily discussing the Russian uprise and ...
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  • #BelieveandSucceed: Improve #ContentMarketing With These Helpful Resources

    #effective #contentmarketing for #freetraffic - http://www.drewrynewsnetwork.com

    Fast fact: One of the most daunting tasks starting out or being an intermediate in internet marketing is creating long-form content to drive passive amounts of free traffic from search engines and social networks. In fact, some bloggers and internet marketers will easily become disappointed over the fact that their blogging and content marketing endeavors are not coming into fruition instantly. To succeed in this line of work requires you to get organized and stay the course in staying focused with a business vision.

    Are you struggling to get traffic from corners of the world wide web? You might be struggling for a few reasons.

    Possible reasons why you're not getting enough free traffic to your site:
    • Not writing enough long form content daily or every other day for your blog or website
    • Not creating and uploading videos with links in your video pointing back to your site from YouTube.com
    • Not sharing on Pinterest.com, LinkedIn.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Triberr.com & Plus.Google.com
    • Not using WordPress and scheduling posts to post while unattended from your desktop PC or laptop
    • Not using article marketing as a means or free promotion
    • Not using press release marketing such as PRWire.com, PRNewsWire.com, or NewsWire.com to generate instant buzz

    The following below is one of many helpful resources to help you generate creative ideas for your content marketing journey to internet marketing greatness -

    Looking for useful content tools to help you amplify your content writing and content syndication efforts?

    Avenues of content marketing resources to help you succeed: Forbes Hubspot Entrepreneur KissMetrics Curata Contently QuickSprout ...
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  • Using #SocialMedia and #OnlinePublicRelations is a Must for Business

    Content creators spontaneously seek unique avenues to effectively target and engage their audience using social media and other natural PR measures. You can have a great website, blog, or affiliate landing squeeze page. Without traffic, you're virtually a sitting duck on the World Wide Web. Traffic is what drives the money and keeps content creators motivated, continuously creating meaningful content for the target audience. While striving to stay successful in consistent content publishing, content creators of all niches must have a humble mindset, be willing to learn new things despite age, and work virtually at all hours of the day, sometimes including working the midnight online graveyard shift. Your profit margin is measured numerous ways. First, it's the information within the body of your content that makes or breaks your site. If you're launching a new product or service, a great way to create meaningful content and drive traffic is by way of writing and submitting press releases to press release directories. One PR directory is PRWire.com. Another is PRWeb.com. On the flip side, you can write an article and submit to an article directory about your new product or service you've just launched submitting ot eZines.com or InfoBarrel.com. When you submit a press release or an article to a directory, that's one effective strategy of driving traffic to your site or blog. Additionally, every time you submit a press release or article to a directory, you increase your probability...
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  • How Do #BlackPeople Help #Facebook Get Richer?

    Did you know Black people are allegedly responsible for the world's most popular social network getting richer then rich off of them? Stay tuned for an upcoming post discussing Black people and Facebook.com....
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  • Cool #FacebookApp Lets You See Who Viewed Your Profile

    You don't have to wonder too much anymore about who views your Facebook profile. Sure, we all want to know exactly who checks out our Facebook profile without our knowledge. You were in the dark back in the FB heyday about who stopped by your page. Today's age of information technology has the brightest minds from around the world sitting at home or in a college classroom writing up unique code that'll enable anyone to pretty much see or do almost anything. And a Facebook profile visitor app is something everyone wants. ...
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  • Change Your Mindset and Stop Posting Nonsense to Facebook: Too Much Money to be Made in Affiliate Marketing

    There are people in this world who do nothing more than lay into Facebook talking day in and day out about things allegedly meaningless. They possibly have a large count of Facebook friends they stay connected with and desire to garner attention to their profile throughout the day. They post memes, comical videos, and small posts about almost anything just to see who will respond to them and click the Facebook like button. Very little do they know they could easily chang...
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  • Trulyshare Helps Retail Advertisers #ShareProducts Easier on #SocialNetworks (2016 Update)

    For retail advertisers looking to go viral online and appeal more effectively to their target audiences on social networks like Facebook, Trulyshare might be able to help. The company is a small base of online advertising experts from YaHoO! and 33Across, as listed in the about section on the company website. In a nutshell, once advertisers sign up for an...
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  • YouTube #VideoMarketing is a Must for Success

    The good thing about surfing YouTube is the opportunity to watch virtually any genre video. They can range from helpful tips to overcome computer PC errors, commentary on today's hottest celebrities, travel reviews and everything else. This is a gateway for video marketers in the YouTube partner program to earn revenue from videos uploaded to the channels. Many people today online still overlook the power of streaming online video. When it comes to effect his Internet marketing, putting streaming web video to work for y...
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  • Zac Johnson Shows #AffiliateMarketers How to Capitalize from #Facebook and #Twitter

    Facebook and Twitter are two of the world's most famous social networks. One is a microblogging service and the other one is a virtual tell all of your business social network. Either way you look at Facebook and twitter they are potential cash machines to affiliate marketers. Zac Johnson is a multimillionaire affiliate marketer that loves what he does which is helping others to succeed financially through education and opportunities through affiliate marketing. Johnson sent out the following e-mail newsletter message to subscribers mentioning the following about making money on Facebook and Twitter: We’ve already covered a lot of important informati...
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  • #MarkZuckerberg Needs to Hurry Up and Roll Out the 'Dislike Button'

    Image: BusinessInsider.com CNN Money had an interesting article back in September 2015 about Zuck possibly rolling out the "Facebook dislike button." While the article says the company has finally decided to work on the project, nothing emerged from Facebook yet in reference to the new button. Did Facebook decided to quietly ...
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  • 17 Year Old Made #Instagram Threat in #ChesterPennsylvania Now 'Himmed Up' by Po-9

    Some kid allegedly had the nerve to post a dumb threat on Instagram recently and get bagged by po-po for it. The kid is only 17 years old and allegedly made the threat on Instagram to do bad things to some schools throughout Delaware County preferably in the Chester and Upland school districts. If this is true about what the 17 year old has allegedly done, what made this...
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  • Everyone Who Posted on Their #Facebook Wall Was Lied To

    There were thousands of people posting a spontaneous saying on their Facebook profiles mentioning somewhere in the ballpark of Mark Zuckerberg allegedly giving away $45 billion in Facebook stock. That's certainly not true. People posted and reposted the random message to their Facebook profiles in hopes of po...
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