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  • #AppleComputers: What's The #AppleMaps Truck from California Doing in the #StateofDelaware?

    A young man was seen on the highway in West Chester, Pennsylvania Sunday afternoon on November 12, 2017 in an Apple.com maps truck. The driver, a young Caucasian male, was seen driving a Apple weather-maps truck with weather looking gadgets on top of the vehicle. The young man was allegedly on his phone while driving (a driving hazard). Additionally, it looks as if he allegedly drove cross country from California, as the Maps.Apple.com truck sported California tags. ...
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  • #Delaware: 5 Jobs to Apply for Employment in New Castle County

    It can be an uphill battle at times trying to find a decent paying job in the state of Delaware. Who can survive nowadays working for $8 or $9 hourly? There's still opportunities in New Castle County Delaware to find good paying jobs and live happy. Truth is, some people in Delaware whether it's New Castle County, Kent County, or Sussex County, or just flat-out lazy and don't put forth enough effort to look for stable employment and settle for anything. Why would anyone want to be lazy looking for a job when the internet is readily available for finding a good paying job in New Castle County? With that said, you have no more excuses for procrastinating in looking for work. Regardless if you have a college degree or no degree, there's a job in Delaware somewhere for everyone. Delaware employment inspiration: Source: NewsJournal.com Are you one of many Delawareans currently slacking or looking for a job or seeking a better-paying job? It's okay to admit to yourself you slacked a bit. That's part of being human. We all slack. Even the founder of this site slacks on certain things from time to time. It's a growing experience to acknowledge your shortcomings and work on changing your ways. Below is a random pick of five jobs in New Castle County, Delaware recommended for you to apply for potential employment: 1. University of Delaware (UDEL.edu)- U of D in Newark, Delaware is always on there a game when it comes to education and employment. University of Delaware attracts people from all walks of life and meaningfully brings them together. Working and or attending U of D as a student is always a beautiful learning ex...
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  • #RehobothBeachDelaware: The Best Vacation Spot in the #StateofDelaware

    Rehoboth beach Delaware proves itself times over to be the best vacation getaway spot. Being in Rehoboth beach is like traveling to Santa Barbara, California. It helps you forget all of your problems. Read hobos beach will also leave you with a feeling of not wanting to go back home. There, you'll find not only quali...
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  • Support Gregory Lloyd Morris on February 25 in His New Play #BlackJobsMatter

    #GregoryLloydMorris #state #play at #GrandOperaHouse in #WilmingtonDelaware -- http://www.drewrynewsnetwork.com
    Image: DelawareToday.com

    He's an outstanding and respected English professor at Wilmington University. He's from Los Angeles, California. He's not only a professor in English, but an individual who understands and appreciates struggle. His adverse trials and tribulations inspired him to be better, tirelessly encouraging others to put their best foot forward in the uncertain game called life. His upcoming stage play "Black Jobs Matter" discusses challenges Black people face such as "barriers to employment," starts February 25 at 7:00 PM at the Baby Grand in Wilmington, Delaware. DNN encourages you to fork out the money, bring your family, friends, and coworkers to this inspiring play that will touch one sensitive topics people of color face today in Wilmington. ...
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  • #Delaware Governor Jack Markell Dispatches Emergency Assistance to #RehobothBeach

    Did the ocean come to life in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware? Maybe. Governor Markell declares a state of emergency for Rehoboth Beach as waters came tumbling over the shore line. The video speaks for itself.

    Update: Governor Jack Markell of Delaware updates his Facebook fanpage with the following:

    "Our DelDOT crews have done outstanding work today in the midst of challenging conditions,ā€ said Governor Markell. ā€œIā€™m grateful for all that they have achieved today,...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic How to #StaySafe in #Delaware

    How to #StaySafe in #Delaware

    New Castle county councilman David Tackett is concerned about Delawareans. He posted an alert today on his Facebook page with the following:

    "Crime Alert

    Residents Reminded...
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  • Don't Go #Ham and #SkiptheLine for Your Free #Bobbie from #Capriottis

    Image: Capriottis.com Did Capriotti's just say they're allegedly giving away free Bobbie subs to the first 100 people in line in 2016? If you didn't know, the Bobbie is the favorite of U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden of Delaware. And Capriotti's continues to be known for the award-winning Bobbie subs that continue to satisfy the stomachs of Delawareans. More news here on Capriotti's free Bobbie subs...
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  • #ZipCodeWilmington Helps Prospective #JobApplicants Find Work in the #StateofDelaware

    Started by Ben DuPont, ZipCodeWilmington.com helps people of all ages seek and achieve a flourishing career in information technology. The tech CEO's institution educates job hopefuls on specifics of javascript and server side coding. The school is conveniently located in Wilmington, Delaware, and helps graduates find good paying jobs before and after graduating. These coding jobs have a potential starting salary of $50 to $55k annually.

    Zip Code Wilmington - Zip Code Wilmington students Gabriel Humphrey and Kelsey Murphy were on the Delaware Way today talking about their new jobs as software developers! Gabe is working at Chatham Financial and Kelsey at Schell Brothers.

    Ben DuPont says...
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  • Welcome to the #NewCastleDelaware Employment Forum

    Hello there! DrewryNewsNetwork welcomes you with open arms to the new employment forum for people living in New Castle County. This form was designed to bring you quality and relevant job listings from well known online job portals, making your job search easier to achieve online and stay one step ahead of "Delaware job candidate competition." A majority of people living in New Castle County looking for work on various job networks have a tendency to use their preferred Internet web browser and ...
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  • How to Catch #AtlanticCroaker #Fish in #LewesDelaware

    An ambitious fisherman in Delaware shows his skills when it comes to fishing for Atlantic Croaker in Sussex County Delaware.
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  • #DelawareStateFair Video Coverage on #YouTube

    Amazing coverage from the July 2015 Delaware state event .
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  • #GetOrganized With Your Business and Incorporate in #Delaware

    DelawareInc.com shows how simple it is to get your business incorporated in the great state of Delaware. Incorporating in Delaware has significant tax...
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  • Delaware Governor #JackMarkell Experiencing 'Online Shiestyness' from Fraud Domain Name

    Jack Markell, Governor of the great State of Delaware, is currently experiencing an online scamster using his name as a fake domain. The site JakeMarkell.com redirects to the governor's name. On the fake Markell website, it depicts an image of the Delaware Governor endorsing someone he wouldn't. That's a political sham of using someone's real name as a domain and trying to paint a political picture which is incorrect. How to potentially track do...
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  • #Delaware #DOJ Gives Heads Up on 'Scams'


    Have you received a telephone call in the past from a man with a West Indian accent upon your caller ID listing his location as Bear, Delaware saying you won $450,000 from Publishers Clearing House? If so, did this person allegedly tell you in order to claim your $450,000 and brand-new Chevrolet.com vehicle, you had to go to Walmart and get a money order for $499 first before receiving your prize? If the answer is yes to receiving a telephone call in the past from a man with a West Indian accent calling from bear, Delaware claiming you've won something and wanted you to either get a money order for $499 or a prepaid debit or and give them the number, that was a scam artist trying to bamboozle you for money over the phone. That person contacted DrewryNewsNetwork's mother in the past trying to run that scheme. That person was reported to the Delaware Atty. General's office (attorneygeneral.Delaware.gov) for investigation. This was virtually around two years ago.

    If anyone contacts you by telephone or e-mail stating you want something and want you to wire them money or get a prepaid debit card in order to receive your prize, ignore them. DrewryNewsNetwork.com is advising Delawareans be conscious about spoof e-mails and scams.

    Here's what to do if you receive a scam phone call claiming you've won a prize:

    1. Always keep a pen and paper handy near your telephone so you can jot down the location and telephone number the scam artist is contacting you from. If you have a digital camera nearby, turn it on immediately and film yourself, and be sure to have the volume turned up to the highest notch.

    2. If you don't have a digital camera and have a tape recorder nearby, tape record the conversation as evidence. Ask the person their real name and where she or he is calling from. Ask intense questions and see if they accidentally spill information. During the conversation, he or she may slip up and say something unintentionally giving themselves away as scam artists. Be sure to take a look at your caller ID for the location they're calling from and asked them where they are calling from. If the location is different from what the caller ID states, put them in a mental corner and ask them why they're not telling the truth.

    3. After filming yourself with a digital camera on the phone with the scam artist or tape recording it, immediately contact the Delaware Atty. Gen.'s office.

    4. If you know any additional creative ways to catch a scam artist in a lie during the course of the telephone conversation, go for the gusto and be sure your tape recorder is recording everything so the attorney general's office in Delaware can listen to it after taping.

    Read more here on news.Delaware.gov...
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  • #NewCastleCounty Government Takes Hardline Stand Against #Heroin Use

    #NewCastle #County #Government in #Delaware takes a #stand against #Heroin - www.DrewryNewsNetwork.com/register

    Delaware is a state consistently moving forward doing positive things. Whether it's helping the unemployed get jobs, assisting people with disabilities get fair treatment, or educate Delawareans how to incorporate and start a business in this wonderful state, Delaware continues to be the leader in keeping people successfully moving forward.

    Every state has individual challenges. And so does Delaware. One issue is drug use. Herion use causes people to completely lose their mind. Everyone knows someone using drugs. As drug use in Delaware continues to be a great challenge, New Castle County government launches a strongarm campaign in the war against Herion use.

    NCC executive Tom Gordon says this on his Facebook fanpage:

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