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  • 10 Easy Ways to Naturally Raise #Testosterone

    Testosterone. It makes a man feel like a leading lion of his pride. High levels of the male hormone inspire a man to possibly believe he's more than what he is. This hormone that runs dominant in males sadly declines with age. With the right nutrition and supplementation, men can naturally heighten Testosterone and continue feeling most of the youthful benefits associated.

    Some men feel using anabolic steroids will help them achieve their hormone maintenance objectives. While anabolic steroids satisfies instant gratification in terms of artificially raising testosterone in men in the moment and is a means of illegitimate muscle building, steroids causes a man’s health downshift later in life. Negative effects associated with anabolic steroid use include liver damage, raising of bad cholesterol levels, potential erectile dysfunction, spouts of anger, relationship issues, poor judgment, potential cosmetic issues with sudden spots of acne appearing on the back and face, and low self-esteem when coming off of long-term steroid use. According to Drugs.gov, men who use synthetically engineered steroids experience all of the negative long-term effects of using the drug and raise the potential of developing male breast tissue in addition to a plethora of virtually unlimited health issues.

    Steroids is not the answer to a healthy life. It damages relationships and irreversible repair. It affects relationships with coworkers on the job. It can possibly affect a man’s financial status. Raising testosterone levels naturally is possible without steroids.

    Related: Juicing for life Did you know getting out of your mental comfort zone and changing your way of thinking as a man is the first action step toward living a healthier life and naturally raising testosterone? It all starts in the mind. A majority of men today desire to actually raise testoster...
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  • Starting Your Day The Right Way by #EatingRight

    Wie is er ook altijd zo druk bezig met zijn/haar macro's tellen? Share your story! #bodyengymshop #fit #proteinsnack #muscle #gym #sale #sportnitrition #gym #bodybuilding #workout #instafit #diet #fitnessmeal #supplements #supps #fitgirls #lift #strong #muscle #musclemass #musclegain #shake #wheyshake #richpiana #rich #piana #alldayyoumay #motivation A photo posted by Body en Gym Shop (@bodyengymshop) on Dec 3, 2015 at 9:26am PST Did you know food affects mood? Sure it does. What you eat now affects your train of thought, digestive system, physique, bodyfat levels, joints, muscle building potential, libido, and more. Men who consistently eat right moderate healthy free testosterone levels and keep their estrogen levels in check. Low testosterone in men contributes to weight gain, abdominal girth, distorts train of thought, lowers libido, and raises estrogen. This is a healthy reminder that eating right is more than satisfying your stomach in the moment from growling. Eating the right foods is your personal health insurance and helps you reduce doctor visits. Eat right to improve your quality of life. Now is your time to make the health-conscious decision to change your life by eating right, exercising, giving up alcohol, and being an example for change....
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  • The Downside to Longterm #Marijuana Consumption

    Smoking Marijuana is by far more dangerous for young men than so for women. How so? As young men experiment in their puberty and teenage years and progress with consuming marijuana throughout their 20's, little do they know smoking pot takes a serious toll on hormones and internal organs. The impact marijuana has in the male starts to manifest in the late 30s.

    Some of the adverse effects marijuana has on men range from:
    • Aggression
    • Cortisol increase
    • Estrogen increase
    • Hunger increase
    • Inability to focus
    • Increase in sex drive in the moment and erectile dysfunction years later
    • Lower testosterone levels
    The list goes on. Males smoking marijuana in teenage years and in their early 20s don't think about these things because they have no life experience. They're most likely enjoying the moment of getting high and feeling a temporary sensation for intimate arousal. Though marijuana...
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  • What Purpose Does #Ashwaganda Serve in the #Body?

    What is Ashwagandha? Watch this educationally informative video by FitLife.tv founder Drew Canole and learn about the amazing herb Ashwagandha that contains beneficial health properties.

    Related content: LiveStrong Nih.gov Testosterone...
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  • #Bananas and #Testosterone: Do They Go Hand in Hand?

    Ever wonder why Monkeys stay strong and productive? It's due to high consumption of bananas. Did you know one banana supplies enough Potassium and B vitamins to sustain an intense one house treadmill cardio session? Did you also know having a banana before running a marathon assists in reducing muscle cramps? And, did you also know bananas can help men potentially boost Testosterone naturally? The B vitamins in a ba...
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  • 12 Natural Ways Men Can Lower #Estrogen

    The daily battle of the bulge and aging naturally accelerates estrogen and weight gain in men. Men who are not paying close attention to cardio, diet, exercise, and getting enough sleep later discover the physique they once had in their 20s and early 30s slowly diminishes. Testosterone, the ultimate hormone in men, naturally decreases after age 25. Following the decline of "T," comes the increase of "E." Estrogen, that is. It's not the end of the world for men who experience shrinking levels of this hormone. Estrogen is the dominant hormone in women. One thing most men don't know is they host small amounts of this hormone in their bodies. And yes, all women have small amounts of testosterone in their bo...
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  • Quick #MuscleBuilding Tip for #Men Looking to Build #LeanMass

    It's best to avoid cheese as much as possible. Why? Cheese is a dairy product and potentially saturated with synthetic hormones. Additionally, cheese allegedly raises estrogen levels in men. If you're looking to protect your heart, lower estrogen, increase natural free testosterone and build lean mass, consider avoiding cheese as much as possible (and that means ignoring pizza too on most occasions), steam your veggies (though it's better to juice them in a juicing machine), and steam your lean meats such as Chicken, Fish, Meat, and Turkey. Related content on dairy & estrogen: 1992 article from Bloomberg discussing health issues Harvard discusses dangers of milk Ironman Magazine on Estrogen and Milk LiveStrong.com on Dairy, Estrogen, and Milk...
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