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  • Spiritual #WeightLoss: Finding Inspiration In Your Journey To Succeed

    GOD's love means more than anything in this world! The struggle makes us stronger in all we do. Each day, a majority of us struggle. Throughout all life experiences, take a look at the good things that have came out of you. These good qualities may be anywhere from becoming a more determined person to succeed, going the extra mile to having compassion toward someone who may have been less than a...
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  • #NewYorkCity: Fat Joe Makes A Stunning Health Transformation Losing 80+ Lbs

    You knew him as a heavy set rapper from Bronx, N.Y. way back in the day. He's been long time friend to rapper Big Pun before Pun passed away from obesity and heart failure. The one they know as Fat Joe has become a health-conscious person, making quite an admirable transformation of health, losing over sum 80 + lbs. Making a transformation of inner and outer self is no easy job for anyone. Rich, poor or middle class...transforming your health involves serious work. And, Fat Joe has surely done the transformation work. It was noted that Joe was doing sometimes possibly up to 2 hours of cardio a day, in striving to get down the pounds. Aft...
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  • #RealTalk: Removing Phony Facebook Friends and Family Members off Your Friends List

    Seek The LORD Jesus Christ for achieving transformation progress in the quest for righteousness. When it comes to Facebook friends, not every friend is your friend on the ever so popular social networking site. That goes for fake friends who hang around just because you have something they want, or phony family members. While Facebook is a wonderful networking social portal on the World Wide Web to reconnect with old classmates, make new friends, and build your business simultaneously by way of properly utilizing Facebook, there are so-called friends on the friends lists of ...
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  • #SelfImprovement: Overcoming Your Lowest Level Habits

    Struggling with a specific flaw? Guess what? We're all born with flaws from birth. It doesn't mean we're destined for failure throughout our lifetime. It is of our free choice made to get up and turn ourselves around in identifying our strengths, weaknesses, as well as pointing out our lowest level habits, whether it be biting your nails, drinking, swearing, eating the wrong foods, and so forth. Working to correct obtuse actions may be quite a daunting task. But, with patience, consistency, and quashing feelings of any fears of changing for the better, things have a way of hashing itself out, in overcoming lower level habits. When we work towards self-improvement, we look at things which are ...
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  • #BusinessSuccess: Keep a Heart of Humility When Prospering in Entrepreneurship

    Helping other succeed in #business yields unlimited blessings and #opportunities above and beyond #financial gain. #Lift up the #poor, #educate others, and #inspire #prople to #transform their #thinking so they can be #better as #aspiring #entrepreneurs - https://drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/business/online-fundraising

    Today's words of wisdom from dnn: Positive pressure has a unique way of proving who has the business muscle for the hustle. Stay humble.

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  • Is #Transformation an Inside Job of Self-Reinvention?

    Words of inspiration: Stay the course in your quest to achieve total transformation excellence and give God the praise before people shamelessly. Want to know an iron-clad truth? Transformation as an inside job starting with acknowledging GOD 1st. Then spiritually curating the content of your heart. Making healthy physical changes is not an overnight success operation. Those dedicated to making healthy changes inside and out understand the process requires much patience. As healthy changes are accomplished within, changes will reflect in a person's character and physical appearance which commands silent respe...
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  • #BillionaireVirginBranson: Sir Richard Not Immune from Irma

    You see it up close and personal. Virgin.com founder and billionaire - transformation business inspiration Richard Branson filmed damage to his home in the Virgin Islands. Did you know Branson owns an island of his own? Despite his home being virtually train wrecked by Irma, it won't put a dent in his pockets to rebuild it.

    Somewhat related: New To The Side Hustle? Prepare To Make These 5 Sacrifices - Forbes.com What are you doing today to be...
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  • #BloggingforMoney: Bloggingfromparadise.com Founder Ryan Biddulph Speaks

    Super successful blogger and Amazon e-Book author Ryan Biddulph of BloggingFromParadise.com discusses a sensitive thing when it comes to blogging. Blogging pedestal syndrome. What is that exactly?

    Related: Food blog your way to earning millions as a "side hustle" - CNBC.com Can it benefit your bl...
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  • #BloggingSuccess: Lynn Terry Celebrates Years in Online Business

    Lynn Terry is an admirable entrepreneur. She's a work-at-home online working professional, and, a well respected blogger. Lynn Terry is the positive ideal example of a successful affiliate marketer and a wonderful mother.

    Lynn Terry goes on talking in a blog post about how she quit her day job, when her daughter was 5 months old. Today, Terry's daughter is 16 years old. Lynn Terry is by far an inspiration to many people online and off-line, because she overcame many hurdles in order to be where she is today. Not only did she walk away from her day job, but she raised two children simultaneously running a business from home. Read more of Lynn Terry's blog post below on "celebrating 15 years in business." ...
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  • #FullMarathonRunners: Recommended Sneakers for #Running #FullMarathons

    Image: KicksUSA.com Did you know certain brands of running shoes can actually help you potentially complete 13.1 and 26.2 mile marathons in a shorter timeframe? Yes, it's true. If your joints and feet feel less pressure on them while on the marathon trail, chances are, you'll move faster and take less breaks on the marathon trail, coming through the finish line in less time predicted. Did you know running marathons with certain kinds of sneakers on can actually help you cross the finish line in less time? It's not just any kind o...
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  • #TotalTransformation: Former Gang Leader Makes A Successful Mental and Physical #Transformation

    No one is perfect. Sometimes, it requires that some make mistakes so extreme they have to be rehabilitated by going to prison. And, while some are in prison, they don't let the big house stop them from making positive health and mental changes. We fall down mentally only to get back up and become stronger. While he was serving time in prison, he decided he wants to go to college. Say what? How is he going to be able to accomplish that, yet alone, become a positive leader in business? He's a convicted felon who served time for things that people shouldn't do but wants to do good. Yet with all the negativity in his past and the negative surroundings, he managed to turn his life around, completing...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a blog post #FaithandPrayer: Men Ought to 'Always Pray'
    in News

    #FaithandPrayer: Men Ought to 'Always Pray'

    GOD is sitting high and looking low walking every step of the journey along with you. The Lord Jesus is always with you despite countless times fallen. Your life has been impacted one way or another. Experiences of your past may inspire you today to make a transformation in everything you're about. Transformation is an inside job because it starts from within. True transformation starts with the cleansing and renewing of...
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  • #FailureisNotanOption: Stay the Course With God and #NeverGiveUp

    Relying on God and prayer to see you through life's uncertainties is true transformation of the soul and heart. To progress daily is a blessing. To strive in positive life changes is to pass inspiration abroad. To analyze self in front of others and openly work to correct thyself shows humility. To help someone else in need with useful information or acts of generosity open doors of blessings from above. To forgive is to cleanse your heart. To talk to The ...
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  • #BenefitsofTransformation: Benefits of Transforming While Increasing Your #HealthandVitality

    Transforming into healthier living holds unique benefits. The human spirit is lifted into a higher positive state. Mental clarity settles in, allowing the mind to engage into deeper intellectual activities, such as pursuing higher educational studies, and public speaking. Achieving a transformed physique is a fringe benefit in living happy and healthy. There's a difference in outlook of life in an average person that performs no exercise, versus someone who invests time into cardiovascular or weightlifting activity on a regular basis. The person that does not exercise most likely tends to be a little more edgy in attitude. What this means is that they get angry easily, and leans toward being anti-social with folk who exercise or engage in a positive lifestyle. This is because when we don''t exercise, mo...
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  • #BrooklynHalfMarathon: Did #CaseyNeistat Win if He #Ran in The #HalfMarathon?

    Casey Neistat on YouTube posted a video today about a Brooklyn half marathon. Marathons are interesting and uplifting to run. Why? When your body loses the unhealthy fat and in a state of consistent fat burning and heightened cardiovascular mode, believe it or not, your body will benefit from a natural form of Euphoria. It's not the type of Euphoria associated with drugs ...
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