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  • #JuniorsBrooklyn: Delaware Needs #JuniorsCheesecake in the Heart of #WilmingtonDelaware

    Businesses from other states are needed to introduce themselves in Delaware for the intent of creating more jobs, introduce the multi-culturalism, and inspire people from other parts of America to visit the beautiful state of Delaware. If only the state of Delaware would reach out to ...
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  • #WilmingtonDel5k: Saturday Morning #5kMarathon in #WilmingtonDelaware

    Downtown Wilmington had something to spectate this morning. Runners gathered and register for the Wilmington, Delaware 5K marathon early this morning by the Westin.com hotel and PlanetFitness.com gym. Runners ran this morning for the positive cause of inspiring others to make healthy changes. Images and video from the June 3, 2017 Wilmington Delaware 5K marathon start line via Weston and Planet Fitness - Chase.com center (Wilmington, Delaware): Was this marathon an event announced and sponsored by 99.5 F.M. WJBR.com?...
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  • #JobFair: Where to Meet Employers in #WilmingtonDelaware

    #jobsearch in #Delaware - http://www.drewrynewsnetwork.com

    If you're one of scores of people in Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, or Philadelphia looking for work in Wilmington, Del., now's your time to get on board. Come on down yonder to the job fair to be held Wednesday in Wilmington, Delaware on May 9, 2017.

    Location: Latin American Community Center - TheLatinCenter.org

    Address: 403 N Van Buren St, Wilmington, DE 19805
    Phone: (302) 655-7338
    Entrance located through Harrison Street (Wilmington, Delaware)
    Time: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
    Price: Free

    Contact: Daniela Vargas (302) -655 -7338 ext.2173
    E-mail: DVargas@TheLatinCenter.org This event is for serious...
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  • Contributing Editor
    started a topic More Shootings in #WilmingtonDelaware?

    More Shootings in #WilmingtonDelaware?

    The following below was posted on someone's Facebook page:

    "So, two more shootings in the City with one as a fatality yet the Mayor is still refusing to sit down...
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  • #WilmingtonDelaware Dubbed #MurderTown by #ABCTelevision?

    #murdertown dubbed by #ABCTelevision and #JadaPinkettSmith? - http://www.drewrynewsnetwork.com

    There’s really few safe places in the city of Wilmington to go nowadays. If you’re walking in the city down a city block, you’re possibly bound to have someone act is if they’re about to walk up on you for whatever reason. Some people walk past others in the city of Wilmington and say things to create trouble, such as hurling insults, asking strangers why they are looking at them,...
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  • No More Tipping at #JoesCrabShack in #WilmingtonDelaware

    Image: CNN.com Waiters and waitresses working at Joe's Crab shack in Wilmington will no longer accept tips. The company is reported by CNN and other news networks to be the first restaurant in the industry to "drop tipping." Waiters and waitresses virtually live off of customer tips, as a majority of waiters and waitresses are paid a possible wage of $2.50 hourly and under. Who could live off of that kind of wage in today's world? Joe's crab shack will allegedly pay servers $14 hourly. Ho...
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  • #Capriottis in #Hockessin Giving Away Free #Bobbies?

    Image: Capriottis.com Capriotti's has been in business since the mid 1970's, when they started out of a small house on Union Street in the Little Italy section of Wilmington, Delaware. After the founder Lois quit her job to start Capriotti's, she was determined more than ever to succeed. From the mid 70's until now, Capriottis.com continues to blaze their way in the state of Delaware with their delicious food, and signature hoagie known as "the Bobbie." Who's a fan of the Bobbie? How about U.S. Vice president Joe Biden of Delaware BPlayer(null, {"id":"7h98hQzjQ3S43B55YsTvpQ","htmlChildId":"b bg-video-player-7h98hQzjQ3S43B55YsTvpQ","serverUrl":"http://www.bloomberg.com/api/embed","idType":"BMMR","autoplay":false,"video_aut oplay_on_page":false,"log_debu...
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  • Is Everyday in #WilmingtonDelaware Doomsday?

    #Man #shot in front of #Casbar in #Wilmington #Delaware - www.DrewryNewsNetwork.com/register

    A man has been allegedly shot tonight in front of Casbar in South Wilmington. Who did it and what was the motive? When will Delawareonline.com report this?

    Update on the shooting - A credib...
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  • He Drops His Pants in Front of Wilmington Police While High on #PCP

    When you see people in public who are high on drugs, all you can do is pray for their recovery. Though the man stomping on top of the suv roof is out of his mind, he can possibly someday be a living testimony about how the ...
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  • DuPont Allegedly 'Moving Out of Wilmington'

    Rumor has it that DuPont.com is allegedly moving headquarters out of Wilmington, Delaware. The headquarters is potentially moving to the 'burbs.' And, did you know DuPont headquarters in Wilmington at Rodney Square is down the block from Bloomberg Wilmington? If you didn't know, now you do....
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