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  • #WordPressPlugins: #GoogleAMP for #WordPress is a Must Have

    Catering to the mobile audience is an absolute must for side hustlers, bloggers, and affiliate marketers across the world. WordPress + AMP by Google.com provides...
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  • #Blogging: Using #WordPress is the Best Choice for Your #SideHustle

    The beauty of blogging goes way beyond making money online from putting up content. You have to really love what you do because blogging in any niche is challenging, as one has to stay on a creative and competitive edge in order to thrive successfully in Bing.com, Google.com, YaHoO.com, and social networks such as Pinterest.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, YouTube.com, and everyone else's tube. if you love what you really do in being bloggy, then your online job will be prosperous and so cushy....
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  • WordPress Plugins Are A Must Have

    Are you an aspiring or amateur blogger looking to take your WordPress blog to the next level and go from a side hustle blogger to a full-time internet blogging professional?...
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  • #BloggingforBusiness: 5 Easy Ways to Keep Your #WordPress Blog Updated

    WordPress is by far the best CMS blogging platform in the world today. Anyone stuck on stupid with blogging can easily install WP on their web server through a one or few clicks operation. Once installed on your server and domain name, you can configure WordPress and automatically enable it to the point of self-updating. Here's 5 quick ways to keep your WordPress blog updated: 1. Allow WordPress to download and install the most up to date version of WP. This frees up your time from manually using CuteFTP.com or some other file transfer protocol program to manually downloading and updating WP on your dedicated server. When WP updates itself, you have more free time to do as you please and create more content on the fly for your blog. 2...
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  • #WordPressPlugins: Welcome to the New WordPress #BlogPlugins Forum on DNN

    Welcome to the new WordPress plugins forum on Drewry News Network. This forum will recommend free and paid WordPress plugins as a means of enhancing your...
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  • #GrassrootsSEO: Best #OrganicSearchEngineMarketing Strategies

    If you're looking for good solid education on best search engine marketing strategies, there's a virtual online world of never-ending information. The never-ending world of search engine marketing is quite interesting. Algorithms are forever changing when it comes to search engine updates. As we all know, content is king on the World Wide Web. Search engine marketing provides unique opportunities for online corporations, small Internet startups and work at home people to create content and potentially benefit from receiving free search engine traffic and free advertising from people on social networks sharing links to your content on their social networking profiles. Looking to try some new and unique ways of leveraging search engines to your traffic building advantage, continue reading. ...
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  • #YoastSEO: This #WordPress Plugin Should Be Installed in Your #WPPlugins

    Yoast SEO is a priceless WordPress plugin every blogger should have. It works beautifully right out of the bos after downloading it and installing it on your dedicated server's Wp-plugins section. Once installed, the Yoast WordPress plugin automatically optimizes your WordPress blog title and content to get a better crawl by Bing.com, Google.com, and YaHoO.com. It does w...
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  • #AmazonAffiliateMarketing: Make more Money Now as an #AmazonAffiliateMarketer With This #WordPressPlugin

    Affiliate marketer and blogger Lisa Irby from 2CreateaWebsite.com is still in the business of empowering affiliates to make money online. Lisa discusses in this video how to make money on Amazon.com with a useful WordPress plugin bloggers must have to increase their Amazon affiliate marketing income potential. Looking to keep your blog posts rich with fresh content? Bookmark this post and share with family and friends on Pinterest.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com, LinkedIn.com, YouTube.com, and Plurk.com...
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  • Are You Still Procrastinating on a #DomainName and Blog?

    We're not living in the Flintstone ages. This is the age of information technology and all kinds of marketing. If you're still putting off the fact that you need a URL address to personalize your online brand, a WordPress blog, and a dedicated web hosting program, now is the time to change your...
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  • Creative Ways to Optimize Your #WordPress Blog

    Unsure how to setup a WordPress blog and get your blogging career going in hopes of becoming a super affiliate? This line of work is for dedicated and visionary minded entrepreneurs. Affiliate marketing, blogging, and making money online full-time is not a get rich quick operation. Blogging is joy to the soul and a labor of love. It's a process of crafting your blogging skills and improving yourself along the way, slowly transitioning when least expected into a potential super affiliate. If you seek ways to optimize your WordPress blog and better your chances of making more money as a blogger and affiliate marketer, view the slideshow above ...
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  • How to Build an #OnlineBusiness With #Content and Succeed

    Content is and always will be keying on the World Wide Web. What is content? It's videos from YouTube.com, text published to a blog, discussion forum, or website, images, PDF files, embeddable content from third-party websites, and so on. The beauty of posting content daily to a blog or website when building a business on the Internet from scratch is having the opportunity to make all kinds of mistakes. As a webpreneur, you're guaranteed to make mistakes along the way building your business from the ground floor up. These are valuable experiences to gain wisdom from as an online entrepreneur and turning points toward entrepreneurial excellence, not moments to beat yourself up side the head and keep going back correcting mistakes. If you find yourself making mistakes building your business online through content marketing, strive for excellence tirelessly to correct yourself and continue moving forward at full strength of ...
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  • Content is King Online and Remains Champion

    Many skpetics today still doubt the awesome power of creating content and making it a potential full-time online business. Their noses have not yet been opened to the virtual infinite possibility of getting a dedicated server, installing a self-hosted WordPress CMS on their server, creating content daily for their WP blog, and watching that content potentially pull in traffic and sales from the corners of the web. If you're one of those folk who are skeptical or plain flat out procrastinated like a stock flop not getting started with an online business blog, it's time to quit fronting and show everyone who has the entrepreneurial business blogging muscle for the hustle...
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  • Accept Bitcoin Blog Tips Now with This WordPress Plugin

    #Bitcoin #WordPress #plugin for #bloggers - www.DrewryNewsNetwork.com/register

    While Bitcoin may never virtually make the cut or grade in being world currency, it does hold some value. You're able to make online purchases at some online retailers.

    Some online retailers that accept Bitcoin: (Shortlist via BitcoinValues.net)
    • WordPress.com – An online company that allows user to create free blogs
    • Overstock.com – A company that sells big ticket items at lower prices due to overstocking
    • Amazon – An online company that sells almost anything.
    • Target
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  • Increase Blog Commenting with Google + Plugin

    WordPress bloggers are going to love this one. When you have a good CMS installed on your dedicated server such as WordPress, the sky is the limit. Why so? There's a plethora of unlimited WP-plugins that do almost everything a blogger hopes to accomplish. Now, there's a a new Google + commenting plugin for WP-bloggers that's going to possibly turbocharge your blog and put your WordPress blog commenting on steroids. When you install this WordPres...
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  • Anti-Spam #WordPress Plugin Drains Life of Spambots

    Fret no more if you're dedicated WordPress blogger and experiencing tons of comment spam. If you haven't yet installed an updated version of Akismet on your dedicated server for your WordPress blog now is the time to get down program. Betty yet, it's time to install the new anti-spam WordPress plug-in that will drain the life out of spammers looking to get backlinks from your WordPress comments section. It's a stable WordPress plug-in known as Spam Free Anti Spambot Plugin. What this plug-in basically does is deplete the life from WordPress commenting spambots so that they don't get links...
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